Why BUFF® for companies? 


NekwarmerMakers can print BUFF® for companies to support campaigns. What could be better than to support a campaign that has been worked on and tinkered with for a long time and seriously, with a BUFF® with the company logo or with a special design that is completely in line with the campaign.

Is there a customer event or symposium? What could be better than presenting your relations with a BUFF® with your own design in a goodie bag. A miss for those who weren't there! Too bad, better luck next time.

A BUFF® for companies can of course be used very well to equip its own people. Whether it concerns a production company or a catering company, where the serving crew must look stylish, a BUFF® will prove to be a real addition. Experience shows that it is used frequently.

We have now produced many projects for companies of various types. The possibilities are also unlimited in the case of a BUFF® for companies. Most customers opt for full color designs. There is no limit to the number of colors. You can keep it as striking or neutral as you want. It just depends on what you want to achieve with it. Simple is also possible, for example 1 background color with a text or logo in 1 color.


BUFF® usage

  • where is BUFF® being used for?
  • which budget is available?
  • do you have a corporate brand which BUFF® must match to?
BUFF® marketing actions

You can think of a marketing Buff®, a symposium Buff®, a personnel Buff®, a company Buff®, a campaign Buff® or a catering Buff®. The applications are countless, the Buff® is widely applicable.

BUFF® professionale line

Within 515hop we also have a special collection for companies. The applications you can think of include industry, contracting, offshore, emergency services, etc. All of them are special applications for the BUFF® products, for which we have a very permanent collection.

Fire Resistant Buff® is a BUFF® made from Nomex material. This unique product with fire-retardant properties is ideal for fire brigades, for example. Available in 4 colors and can be provided with a transfer print. Complete personalization is not possible due to the material properties. The transfer will still make the product a personalized BUFF® for companies. If this is interesting for you, please ask us about the possibilities. Print Fire Resistant BUff®? Please contact NekwarmerMakers.